Want to Know How to Get More Battery Life from Your Smartphone?

Battery Life LowYou love your smart phone and you can’t live without it. It’s your little beeping companion who follows you everywhere and updates you whenever you have an email, Facebook post, or reply on Twitter.

However, you sometimes become frustrated because you can’t seem make it through a day without needing to charge your phone.

If you want to make the battery life of your smart phones last longer, here are some tips:

Turn off the Features You’re Not Using

Chances are, right now you have many features of your smart phone running in the background that you are not currently using, such as Wi-Fi, games, Bluetooth and more.

If you leave these features functioning all the time they can eat into your battery life. To make your phone last longer on one charge; turn them off when you are not actively using them.

Watch Out for GPS Apps

There are certain apps on your phone such as weather reports, local news apps, and navigation apps which will always use GPS to find out your current location. This can eat up a lot of battery power, so make sure that these apps are turned off or deleted.

Dim the Lights

Did you know that by dimming the brightness on your smart phone screen you can make your battery life last longer?

Go into your Settings and adjust your screen so that it is dimmer, especially in the daytime when the ambient light around you will allow you to see the screen anyway.

Turn it off

When your computer starts working slowly, it is usually because of the excess of simple tasks which has built up in the background and a simple reboot refreshes it.

The same happens with your smart phone. Turning it off for a while, such as when you are in a meeting, when you are sleeping, or when you are watching a movie, will allow it to clear itself out and start fresh.

When added up together, these little changes in habits should make your smart phone battery last a lot longer than it currently does!

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How to Defeat a Chaotic Laundry Pile

Laundry PileHave you forgotten what the floor of your bedroom looks like because it is constantly under a carpet of discarded clothing? Do you let your laundry pile up until sorting, washing and folding it becomes a full day job? Here are a few tips to tame your laundry chaos and make cleaning your clothes much easier:

  • Get into a laundry routine. As a general rule, the number of people living in your house equals the number of times per week you will need to do laundry. If you live on your own you can get away with doing a wash every week, but if there are three or four people you will have to do laundry almost every other day. The longer you leave it, the harder to handle it becomes.
  • Use small and study laundry baskets in each bedroom, and encourage your kids and your partner to put their dirty clothes directly into them rather than on the floor.
  • A larger washer and dryer will allow you to wash more clothes at once which makes doing laundry more efficient and can save you time.
  • If you teenager is in the habit of wearing a pair of jeans for two hours and then throwing them in the laundry hamper, teach them to wear their clothes a few times until they are actually dirty before washing them. Unless they are stained or the wearer is sweating heavily, clothing can be worn 2-4 times before needing to be washed.
  • By the age of 12, you can start teaching your kids to do their own laundry.
  • Cut down your wardrobe to only the essentials. If you have fewer clothes, you will have less washing to do. Don’t have more clothes that you can fit into your closet!
  • Keep some hangers in your laundry room so that you can hang up clothes that you don’t fold immediately before they get creased.

Here’s a quick video with some additional tips:

These are a few ways that you can make the chore of doing laundry more manageable and spend more time on having fun!

What Are You Waiting For? Effective Cures for Procrastination

Is your motto, “why do today what I can put off until tomorrow?”procrastination tips

Procrastination is an easy habit to slip into, as it is incredibly tempting to avoid doing something that is not urgent. When a project is due, the house needs cleaning, or a form needs filling out, we often decide that we will get away with doing it another day.

However, procrastination can really come back to bite us when the deadline looms near and we realize that we have left way too much work for ourselves. Every college student who has gotten in trouble for snoring in class after pulling an all-nighter finishing a term paper will tell you that procrastination seems like a good idea at the time but isn’t a healthy or productive way to manage your life.

So how can we combat our natural tendency to put things off until tomorrow? Here are a few effective ways that you can cure your procrastination and get things done!

  • If you are procrastinating because the task seems huge and overwhelming, break it into small steps and accomplish one step per day. For example, if you are writing an essay you can decide on the topic one day, create an outline the second day, write a first draft the third day, edit your draft the fourth day, etc. When you break the task into small parts, it seems much less scary and you will be more likely to accomplish each small piece in one day.
  • Promise yourself a reward, only after you complete your portion of the task for the day. For example, tell yourself that you will take a walk on the beach after you clean the kitchen. You will be surprised how much quicker you wash those dishes when the sun is shining outside and you are eager to get out and enjoy it.
  • Start in the middle. Sometimes we procrastinate on a large task because we are just not sure how to begin. Don’t worry about the beginning, just start in the middle instead and get the ball rolling. For example, get started tackling a large job like cleaning out the garage by grabbing any random box of junk and figuring out how to deal with it. Doing things out of order is better than never doing them at all.
  • Eliminate your distractions. If you know that television, Facebook, or computer games distract you from getting things done, get rid of them until you are finished your task. Unplug your modem, or ask someone to hide the Xbox until you finish what you need to do.
  • Stop over-complicating the task and waiting for the perfect opportunity to do it. There is no “perfect” time to do anything, so make the most of the time you have right now!

These are just a few ways that you can cure your tendencies for procrastination, and enjoy a more productive life!