Ka-Ching! Simple Tips for Trimming Down Your Grocery Bill

Do you gulp with fear every time you approach the checkout at the supermarket? saving money on grocery shopping

Do you end up spending a huge amount on grocery shopping every week, yet only coming home with a few bags of items?

It is possible to cut down your grocery bill drastically; you just need to know how to outsmart the supermarket and get more for your dollar.

Here are some clever tips for getting the most food for the lowest price next time you go grocery shopping:

  • The most important rule is: never go grocery shopping when you are hungry! Make sure you go after you have eaten, or your growling stomach will talk you into throwing many indulgent treats and snacks into the shopping cart that you just don’t need!
  • Don’t be loyal to brand names, because you pay extra for their familiarity. For example, although Heinz ketchup is the most well known, it is also usually the most expensive. The generic brand will probably taste just the same on your hot dogs and hamburgers and if it costs $1.50 less, why not give it a try?
  • Think about where you are shopping. Is it a high end chain supermarket with fancy displays, nice lighting, and beautiful interior design? These types of gourmet grocery stores often overcharge for the same items that can be found at a budget grocery chain for much cheaper!
  • Use coupons on the items that you regularly buy. You can find coupons on fliers in the store, and also at several websites online.
  • Don’t pay extra for convenience. Packaged foods such as microwave meals, prepared snacks, and other easy and quick dishes are usually much more expensive. Buy the ingredients and cook it yourself to save money.
  • Stock up on “loss leaders.” These are items that the supermarket is advertising at a ridiculously low price. They are very cheap because they attract customers in, who will likely spend more money on other more expensive items once they are in the store. If you can stick to only stocking up on the sale items and avoid being tempted by anything else you can really save a lot of money.

These are just a few easy ways that you can trim down your grocery bill and save money at the supermarket!