Tips for Learning a New Language

Whether you want to go traveling, move abroad, or just impress your sexy foreign neighbor, learning a new language can be a very advantageous skill to have. Learning to speak another language is not only a great way to open up many more opportunities for yourself, it can also be a fun challenge.

However, learning to speak a new language can also be very intimidating and difficult. You will have to start right back at square one when it comes to communication, and it can be very humbling and frustrating to only have the conversation skills of a three year old. Memorizing vocabulary and learning grammar in a new language is not necessarily easy.

If your goal is to learn a new language, here are some helpful tips that will improve your learning experience and make it easier for you to reach your goal:

  • Study the language in small bursts each day. It is better to study for 30 minutes each day than for 3.5 hours in one day. This will make it easier to find time in your schedule to stick to your goal. Also, a 3.5 hour session is not as effective, as you will remember and retain more if you study in shorter and more frequent sessions.
  • Find a learning method that works for you. Everyone has a different learning style, so try many different classes, software, CDs, or other learning tools until you find the one that “clicks” for you.
  • Don’t be shy when speaking. A lot of the time we are hesitant to test out our foreign language because we are afraid we will sound stupid if we use incorrect grammar or forget a word. Don’t let this get in the way of practicing your language! You wouldn’t judge a non-native speaker if they made a mistake, would you? Anyone listening to you will give you the same patience and understanding, so give it a try!
  • Make learning a language fun! The learning process doesn’t have to be all study and no play, as there are many ways you can make language learning entertaining. You can watch foreign films, learn some jokes and songs, or read comics and cartoons in your target language.

Last but not least, don’t give up! The benefits of being able to communicate in another language are so rewarding that they are worth your hard work, so good luck!