Remove Those Pet Odors With These Quick Tips

Remove Those Pet Odors With These Quick TipsYou might love your furry friends, but are their pet odors turning off potential buyers when you are trying to sell your home?

Many cat and dog owners are around their animal companions so often that they become immune to the smell and don’t notice it in their home, so you might not even realize that your home smells of pet odor.

However, when you are selling your property first impressions are very important and if a potential buyer gets a whiff of pet odors when they walk in the door this can really make them lose interest in your property.

Ask your real estate agent for an honest opinion. If they say that you have a problem, here are some ways that you can freshen up your house without getting rid of Fluffy or Fido.

  • Air everything out. Open up all of the windows to let the fresh air come in from outside and sweep away all stuffiness and smells.
  • Wash the floors and the walls with vinegar, floor cleaner or an odor-neutralizing cleaning product. You can find pet-specific cleaning products at pet supply stores.
  • Pet smells can seep into fabrics, so steam clean or dry clean your fabric drapes and upholstery.
  • Washing blankets and bedding in a mix of laundry detergent and a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar can help to remove the smells.
  • Before showing off your home, have your carpets professionally cleaned so that all of the deep-down dog hair and cat dander will be removed.
  • When potential buyers come over, you can place potpourri or scented candles around the room in strategic locations. However, be careful that you don’t go overboard as some people are sensitive to strong perfumes.
  • Keep your pet contained to one section of the house to make cleaning easier and keep the rest of the house smelling fresh. If at all possible, have your pet stay with a friend when the home is being shown.

With these tips, you should be able to present a fresh-smelling first impression to anyone who comes to view your home. For more information about selling your property, contact your trusted real estate professional.