Home Decor Tips for Designing a Childs Bedroom

Designing a child’s bedroom can be one of the most exciting tasks of decorating your home. You can create a fun and flexible space that your children will love to spend time in and enjoy throughout their life.

Here are some tips for parents to help with the project of decorating a room for a young child:

Involve Your ChildBaby Nursery Decor

If your child is old enough to converse with you, have a talk with them to get their opinion on what their dream bedroom would look like. Ask them what they like about their current bedroom, and what they would change. You can also ask them about their favorite colors, animals, and storybooks to get an idea for a theme for the room.

Make a Plan

If you plan your design concept in advance, you will make the project a lot easier by having a clearer concept of what you will want the room to look like. Draw up a floor plan and identify which furnishings and decor you are going to look for. You can print off photos from the Internet and clip out pictures from magazines for inspiration.

Adapt for the Future

Remember that although your little princess is only eight now, in a few years she will be turning into a teenager and she will not want to have Disney characters plastered all over her walls and furniture. Bunk beds might seem like a great choice for your young boys but when they hit a teenage growth spurt they could be six feet tall, making these beds very impractical. Make sure that you choose furniture that will grow with your child and that the bedroom design that you decide on can be easily adapted when your child’s interests change.

Create Practical Storage Space

You can help your child keep their room tidy and reduce the number of times you have to nag them to clean up by creating lots of practical and easy to use storage space. Bookcases, drawers, desks, and closet organizers will give all toys and clothes a place to go rather than being thrown on the floor.

These are just a few tips to help you with decorating a stylish and functional bedroom for your child.