Clever Ways to Save Money on Hotel Rooms

Hotel DubaiDo you love to travel but hate paying full price for a hotel room? If you do a lot of traveling, the costs of staying in hotels can really add up after a while. However, there are some ways that you can get the same hotel room for a lot less money.

You just have to know a few clever money saving tricks.

Ask Friends and Family

If your sister, cousin, poker buddy or anyone else you know works in the hotel industry, ask them nicely if they can get you a sweet deal. Most hotel employees will be able to use “friends and family” discounts which will be much cheaper than the regular rate.

If someone you know works in the hotel industry, buy them a cup of coffee and ask them nicely to get you a good rate. It never hurts to ask!

Use Your Connections

Many hotel chains offer discounts for organizations and affiliations, so if you belong to an organization within your profession it is worth giving this a try. If you are a member of the AAA, you will usually be able to get a 10% discount.

Book at the Right Time

When you book your hotel room can make a huge difference in how much it costs. If you are traveling to a popular resort destination, it will be busy on the weekends and slower on Sunday and Monday and throughout the week.

If you are able to keep your travel dates flexible and visit during the week, you could save anywhere from 15%-40% off your rate. If you are visiting a more business-oriented hotel it will be opposite, the hottest days will be mid-week and the weekends will be cheaper.


Don’t be afraid to phone up the hotel and ask for a cheaper rate. Sometimes all it takes is the simple but firm question, “I was hoping to pay less than that; is that the best price you can offer me?” Most of the time if you are persistent you can negotiate yourself a good discount.

These are just a few ways that you can save money the next time you stay in a hotel on your travels.