Clever Organization Tips that Will Make a Small Apartment Look Bigger

Organization is very important, and it becomes even more crucial when you live in a small space.

If you are a single person or a couple, living in a tiny apartment can be a great option, it just requires a bit more work to ensure that your space is organized well.

If you live in a small apartment, whether it is a one bedroom or a studio, you might that you struggle to make all of your possessions fit into your compact space. All of your closets are packed full, and you have to step over your computer chair to crawl into bed. To reduce your clutter and make the small space work better for you, here are some organization tips:

  • The first step is to prioritize how you most use your apartment. Do you often entertain guests? Do you work at home? Thinking about which activities you do the most will help you define your floor plan.
  • Another important step is to get rid of absolutely everything that you don’t need. There is no use keeping clutter when you don’t have the space for it, so have a big cleanout and give away or sell your junk.
  • Consider buying a bed that will make the most of your small space. You could choose a loft bed which is just like a bunk bed but with a desk and cabinets rather than a bottom bunk. This saves an enormous amount of floor space when one piece of furniture serves two purposes. Another example is a futon which folds into a sitting area during the day.
  • Use the space underneath your bed as storage. There are many different storage containers you can buy which are designed to slide right underneath the bed.
  • Invest in a table which offers the option of adding and removing leaves. You can expand it during a dinner party and then make it smaller for your daily use.
  • If your shoes are filling up your closet floor, get a shoe organizer that hangs over your closet door.
  • Get a basket which hangs over your shower head to store your shampoo, body wash, and washcloths. This will clear up a lot of space in your bathroom.

These are just a few ways that you can keep organized and make your small apartment feel much more spacious!

What other space-saving tips can you share?  Do you have pictures?  I’d love to see them!