Spice Up Your Home This Holiday Season

Spice Up Your Home This Holiday SeasonUpdating home decor used to be more than just a small task and a lot of work. Fear no more if you have a flair for home decoration projects you are in luck. Nowadays there are so many resources and outlets to use. There are no more excuses for not being to afford a home decor project.

DIY Is The New Black

There a billion home decor and DIY magazines and websites out there but the best way to receive fresh and unique ideas Pinterest has become the new Google in DIY projects. Not only does it provide inspiration and it’s easy to browse and search projects. 

If you are looking to get involved in re-puporsing or recycling existing furniture and other home goods, not only can your costs stay low, but it’s likely that you have the required project materials in your home already.

A Sampling Of Some Projects Include:

  • Making bathrooms more private using stenciled window patterns
  • Creating slip-covered, upholstered headboards
  • Disguising less-than-perfect cabinet/cupboard doors with prints
  • Transforming old mirrors and windows into functional message boards
  • Decoupaging retro posters to revitalize old furniture
  • Resuing old glass jars and creating light fixtures
  • Old potato sacks can be wrapped around canvas to create tack boards
  • Used tires can be repainted and used as flower pots 
  • Raggety old shirts can be cut up and used as new pillow cases
  • Painting an accent wall adds a new energy into any room

The projects range in difficulty from basic to advanced. Some require nothing more than scissors and glue; others require advanced skills in woodworking and sewing. One thing is for certain is that there is something for everyone. 

These are just a few ideas to add some spice in your home decor, the Holidays are around the corner and what a great way to get involved than doing a DIY project together. Which ones will you incorporate into the decor of your home? For more information about DIY projects and home ownership, feel free to contact your tursted real estate professional.