Did You See This Granny Dance?

90 Year Old Grandma’s Dance Tribute to Whitney Houston Goes Viral

A YouTube video which features a frail 90 year old woman busting a move to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” has gone viral, reaching over 800,000 views since Feb 12th. The video is a tribute to singer Whitney Houston who recently passed away.

Houston, a legendary pop diva, was found dead in her Beverly Hills hotel room on Feb 11th of unknown causes. She was one of the best-selling music artists in the world, and has sold over 170 million albums to date.

The song in the following video was one of her biggest hit singles, reading number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when it was released and winning her a Grammy in 1988 for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

The death of the famous singer was a huge shock to the music world. Although the official autopsy report of what exactly caused her death has not been released, the police found bottles of prescription drugs in her hotel room.

Her death has spurred many to comment that the problem of drug addictions among celebrities needs to be addressed.

Drug overdose controversy aside, Adam Forgie filmed the heartwarming video of his grandmother dancing to the song in Houston’s memory and it has received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response.

Although she suffers from severe macular degeneration, is legally blind, and has had a steel hip replacement, Forgie’s granny still finds great pleasure in dancing.

The video has been flooded with comments from astonished viewers who could not believe how much energy the dancing senior citizen had.

When I watch the video I can’t help but smile and hope that I still have that much zest for life when I have reached that impressive age.

Although Whitney Houston is no more, it seems that her music will still continue to make people of all ages want to get up and dance for a long time to come.

What to Do on a Long Bus Ride?

Perhaps you have a long commute on the bus, train or subway to where you work, or maybe you are planning a long journey to visit friends or family. Whatever the reason, there are times in your life where you will be stuck in transit and bored for a while.

Rather than sitting there staring out the window or trying to avoid eye contact with strangers, there are many things that you can do with your time.

Some people love taking the bus to work and to the university, because it is a time for to be relaxed and contemplative.

The journey forces one to take time for themselves to read, write, and ponder.

Here are a few ideas of what to do on your long commute to make the most of the trip:

  • Enjoy a good book. You keep saying that you never get any time to read anymore, so hit the library and consume an exciting novel a little bit every day while on your way to and from work. Just don’t get so involved in the story that you miss your stop!
  • Learn something new. Listen to a language learning program, study a textbook, or read an educational book. Why not use your commute to expand your mind?
  • Organize your day. Keep a small day planner or notebook with you and use that half hour in transit every morning to plan out what you will do that day. This helps you to mentally picture how your day will roll out and how you can complete your tasks more efficiently.
  • Brainstorm. Your notebook can also be a place where you come up with ideas and solutions to problems in your life. Trying to decide what to do about a new project or goal? Use your down time on the bus to come up with as many ideas and possibilities as you can.
  • Bliss out. Another great thing to do while you are in transit is to create an ideal environment for yourself and take a few moments to completely relax. Put your favorite song on your headphones, savor a snack or a cup of coffee, and simply enjoy watching the world go by.

When you are stuck in transit for a long time, it doesn’t have to be a terrible ordeal. With these tips, you can use your bus, train or subway time wisely and maybe even make it one of the highlights of your day!

Feel the Burn: How to Get the Most from Your Workout

Body Builder Weight LiftingSo you have signed up for a gym membership, bought yourself some new running shoes, and you are ready to get in shape.

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of each visit to the gym and will have you seeing results much quicker:

Fuel Up

Your body is like an engine, it needs fuel in order to perform to full capacity. If you do to the gym on an empty stomach you will become tired and hungry quicker and you will not be able to push yourself to your full potential.

Before going to the gym, you should eat a small meal with workout-friendly foods such as whole grains, fruit, and protein.

Drink Water

Keeping hydrated is essential during your workout, because your muscles need water to perform and you will be losing lots of fluid through your sweat.

Drink a big glass of water an hour or so before you head to the gym, and then bring a water bottle which you can sip from as you are working out.

Then when you return home, drink another big glass to replenish the fluids you have lost.

Build Your Muscles

As you get stronger, you need to slowly increase the intensity of your weight training routine so that you can build up your major muscle groups.

The more you develop your muscles, the more calories your body will burn even when you are at rest. You will also be able to do more cardio and won’t tire as quickly.

When you are doing weight training, you should start with a weight that you can only lift 8-12 times before you can’t lift it any more.

If you can’t do 8 reps, it’s too heavy for you and if you can do more than 12 it’s too light. As you get stronger, slowly increase the amount of weight.

Go Hard or Go Home

No one ever lost any weight by sitting on a stationary bicycle and pedaling slowly while reading fitness magazines. For your gym visits to be worth your time, you need to put more effort into your fitness routine.

Rather than doing longer periods of less intense exercise, you are better off spending less time at the gym but really pushing yourself while you are there.

Challenge yourself to higher levels of resistance on the elliptical, stair climber or rowing machine. If you swim, try to beat your own time for how many laps you can swim in 15 minutes.

The more you push yourself, the more you will burn.

Good luck, and enjoy your workouts!

Desk Makeover: Create the Optimum Working Environment

messy deskHas your desk become a cluttered ruin filled with half-empty coffee mugs, teetering stacks of books, dusty piles of paper, and crumbs from your breakfast bagel?

Does your working environment make you feel refreshed, energized, and inspired or do you feel cramped, tired and overwhelmed?

Did you know that by changing the features of your working environment you can actually help yourself focus better, work more efficiently, and be more creative?

Whether you work at home or at an office, there are many ways that you can improve your desk space so that you can work to your maximum potential.

Reduce Clutter

Having a lot of junk on your desk is not only distracting when you are trying to work, but it can also make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

Just like staring out at the open ocean or the horizon can be calming for your mind, working at a clutter-free space will help you relax.

You will also find important documents and files quicker and easier rather than having to sift through piles of debris for them.

Here is a quick list to get started:

  1. Clear off everything from your desk and sort it into piles of things to thrown away and things to file.
  2. Create a filing system to organize your documents, which can be anything from folders in a drawer to a special cabinet.
  3. Make sure that everything is off the desk and put in its rightful place, and get in the habit of taking 10 minutes at the end of your day to organize your desk so that the clutter never builds up.

Light Up Your Life

Inadequate lighting in your work space could be sapping your energy, straining your eyes, and making it more difficult to get your work done.

Invest in a desk lamp which sheds light directly onto whatever you are working on so that you can see everything clearly.

Avoid florescent bulbs, because when they flicker they can cause eye strain after a while.

Inspire Yourself

Now that your desk is organized and bright, you can add a few items which will inspire you while you are working.

You can put quotes from your heroes and photos and artwork that represent your dreams and goals on the walls near your desk.

If you ever are stuck for ideas, you will have your own little gallery of inspiration to gaze upon.

Enjoy working in your new and beautiful workspace!

How to Deal With Coworkers Who Drive You Crazy

Every office has at least one; the person who makes you want to curl up under your desk and cry, or beat them senseless with a stapler.annoying coworker

You can’t choose your co-workers, and sometimes it can be incredibly frustrating to work in an environment with someone like this.

When they don’t deliver work when promised, refuse to collaborate, and fail to listen to feedback they make your job difficult and increase the stress level for everyone else.

So what can you do with that co-worker who drives you crazy? Here are a few strategies who dealing with these difficult workmates:

  • Keep your cool. Although you might want to send them an email jam-packed with obscenities on a particularly stressful morning, use self restraint. Losing your temper and lashing out at the person will not help the situation at all. You will have more power in this situation if you deal with it in a calm and controlled manner.
  • Consider their intentions. Perhaps this person is not being rude or difficult or purpose, they might just not realize the impact their actions are having on others. Or they might be acting up for a completely different reason. Try to get to know them and find out the motivations behind the way that they are acting.
  • Consult others about the problem. Have a confidential conversation with another co-worker that you trust. Ask them for support and advice on how you should deal with the situation. They might also have their own experiences with the person that they could share with you.
  • Approach the person first. No one likes being “tattled on” to a higher authority, so running to the boss when someone does something that upsets you should not be your first solution. Speak with your colleague in a calm and respectful manner, and tell them exactly what they have done and why you don’t appreciate it. If they are reasonable, or if they didn’t mean any harm, they will apologize and try to resolve the situation.
  • However, if you have approached them in this way and they have responded rudely, ignored you, or refused to stop, it’s time to get the boss involved. Provide documented evidence and clear examples to your boss of your co-worker’s inappropriate behavior, and ask them for help.

Although you and your co-worker might not become best friends, hopefully you can find a way to work together in harmony.


Bored With Your Workout — How to Spice Up Your Fitness Routine

Do you find that after a few weeks of going to the gym at the same time and doing the exact same exercises you become bored?Workout Tips

If your workout gets in a rut, you can feel unmotivated to go to the gym and this can get in the way of accomplishing your fitness goals.

Also, if you always do the same exercise each time you work out, you won’t enjoy the benefit of strengthening all of your muscles. Just sticking to one exercise routine is not the best way to achieve overall fitness and better health.

So what can you do to keep your fitness routine varied and interesting and keep yourself motivated?

Here are some tips:

Try a Class

Check the group exercise class schedule at your gym or your local recreation center. There will likely be a good selection of different classes to attend, such as yoga, dance, Pilates, kick-boxing, step aerobics, and many more.

Make it your goal to try as many as you can until you find your favorite. Classes can be a great way to work out, because you are more likely to push yourself more than when you exercise by yourself.

You will also work different muscle groups, and meet other people who are motivated and living a healthy lifestyle.

Challenge Yourself

Here’s another way to kick start your motivation for working out. When you go to the gym, take a small notebook and pencil with you.

When you do an exercise, such as push-ups, sit-ups, lifting weights, swimming lengths do as many as you can without stopping until you just can’t do any more.

Make a note with the date and write down the details of how many you did. Now, your goal for your next workout is to beat all of your past records. You can also make a goal to try a new exercise every time you workout.

Keeping score in this way helps you to track your progress, and it also gives you a goal to aim for. If you are trying to outdo your own performance, you will push yourself harder and be more motivated.

You can even promise yourself a reward if you manage to beat your previous totals, such as going to see a movie or doing something else you enjoy.

Bring a Friend

If one of your friends is moaning about how they need to get in shape, bring them to the gym with you! Most gyms will offer free guest passes or let your friend come for the day at a discounted rate if they are with you.

You can challenge and encourage each other, and teach each other new exercises. Just make sure that you don’t spend all of your time socializing!

These are a few ideas for mixing up your fitness routine and getting yourself motivated.

Have fun working out!

How to Get Great Customer Service Almost All the Time

I’m sure you’ve experienced excellent customer service before, and know how good it feels.Customer Service Wordle

Whether you called up to complain about a faulty product and hung up the phone smiling, or had a sales person help you find the perfect laptop for your needs at a great price, you know that good customer services makes you feel listened to and valued and solves your problems.

Great customer service is one of the cornerstones of success for every business but not all businesspeople are wired to deliver world-class customer service every single time.  That’s where your skills can come into play to improve your customer service experience.

Companies like Nordstrom and Zappos are world renowned for their incredible customer service.

Did you know that there are things that you can do to ensure that you get good customer service like this almost all of the time? There are ways that you can “help people help you” with your questions, quandaries and problems which will make them treat you better.

  • Be friendly and upbeat. Greet the person and smile. Even if you are upset about an issue, they will feel much better about helping you if you are not whining, complaining, or getting angry at them. See them as a person just like you and treat them with kindness.
  • Give them as much information as you can. For example, if you need to buy a cell phone you should tell the sales person exactly how much you will use it, which features you want, and what you will use it for. This will help them find you a product that is suited to your needs. If you need technical help with a product, explaining the problem clearly in detail will help them determine what is wrong.
  • Ask for what you want, politely and reasonably. Don’t push your luck by asking for something outrageous, but you will be surprised how many times you can negotiate a discount, waive a fee, or get a special discount just because you asked nicely.
  • Thank them for their time. It really helps to let the customer service representative know that you appreciate their efforts to assist you. If they do an exceptional job and you are really happy in the end, consider passing along an official compliment to their supervisor.
  • Become a regular. If you do all of these things in the same establishment frequently, the staff will get to know who you are and will likely treat you extra special because they value you as a customer.

Of course, this advice only works when the person you are dealing with is competent at customer service. Unfortunately this does not happen all the time. However, most of the time it will get you much better treatment, so why not give it a try?

It Is Easier to Spend Less Than Make More

No matter how much or how little you’re paid, you’ll never get ahead if you spend more than you earn.

This little piece of wisdom is incredibly common sense when you think about it, yet with so many Blue Pig BankAmericans in debt it’s clear that not everyone follows it in practice.

Living within your means is one of the best ways that you can save your money and set yourself up for financial freedom and prosperity.

Living within your means is very simple, it means that you are spending less money than you are making.

This allows you to put the extra money into a savings account so that you can have a back-up fund for emergencies, save for large purchases, or fund your dreams and passions such as travel or a hobby.

If you are spending more money than you are making, there are two solutions to this problem:

  1. Spend Less.
  2. Make More.

Depending on your situation, most people will find that making more money is the harder of the two options. Usually to make more money you will either have to get a raise at your current job, find a higher paying one, or take on a second job.

This requires a lot of extra work and it is not always possible. Also, making more money can be inefficient, because whatever extra you make will still be subjected to taxes and is worth a lot less when it finally ends up in your bank account.

By far, the easier option is to spend less. If you’re like most people, you already spend a lot of money on things that you just don’t need.

The thing about cutting down your expenses is that although you might notice the difference at first, you will soon get used to life without those added luxurious and not even notice that they are gone.

Meanwhile, your savings will continue to slowly build until you are in a wonderful position of financial security and freedom.


You’re an Idot! How to Argue Your Point Respectfully…

Every so often you will be on an internet forum, sitting around the dinner table, or at a cocktail party, and someone else will utter an observation or an opinion which will be so completely misguided and wrong that it will make you want to smash your head against the table and weep for the future of humanity.

You might be tempted to call them a ridiculous and ill-informed idiot, but wait! If you resort to name calling and personal attacks, you will be perceived as a complete jerk no matter if people are swayed by your counter argument or not. There is another way that you can express your disagreement while holding onto your dignity and respect.

Here are some tips for arguing fairly:

Discuss the Point and Not the Speaker

Although it might feel good in a childish way, calling your opponent names is not the way to engage in an intelligent debate. Separate what the person is saying from who is saying it, and discuss the point that they are making.

Don’t try to say something like, “Well, you would say that because you are ______” or “You don’t know anything about that because you are __________”.

Think about how frustrating it would be if someone tried to discredit the point you were making by making personal comments about you!

Acknowledge What They Get Right

Listen carefully to what your debate partner is saying, and don’t forget to acknowledge the parts which do have a bit of truth to them. They could have the right facts, but might be just interpreting them in a way which doesn’t make sense.

When you say things like, “I see what you are saying about X, and I agree. However, I don’t agree with the conclusion you are making,” it shows people that you are taking their argument seriously and listening to them.

State Your Opinion and Evidence

When it’s your turn to say your piece, state your opinion clearly and succinctly. Explain what it is that you think, and provide concrete examples which support what you are trying to say.

You can even site common criticisms of your position, and explain why you think they are irrelevant or why you disagree. Say what you want to say in a straight forward and confident manner, without attacking, accusing, or blaming.

In the end, the saying “You can’t change a stubborn mind” might apply to your opponent and they may leave the situation still holding their view. However, if you have expressed yourself confidently, clearly, and respectfully you can be proud of yourself for standing up for what you believe in.


How to Stay in Shape When You Work From Home

Whether you own your own business, work remotely, or freelance, working from home is fantastic. You don’t have to worry about morning traffic, you can work in your pajamas if you so desire, and you can create your own work environment.

However, one of the downsides of working at home is that it can make it harder to get motivated with a fitness regime. It’s easier to make yourself go to the gym on your way to and from the office, or ride your bike to work, but how can you stay fit when your only exercise is walking downstairs to your computer chair?

Staying fit and active is very important and will help you be more productive and successful in your work. Here are a few things you can do to stay in shape when you work from home:

  • When you first wake up in the morning, do 20-30 minutes of exercise before even turning on the computer. You can go for a jog or a walk, do some yoga, or dance around to your favorite music, whatever feels good. This will wake you up and make you more productive at work, and will also mean that you make sure you get your exercise done before getting caught up in your work.
  • Buy a few simple tools for working out at home, such as a yoga mat, barbells, jump rope, or kettle balls.
  • While you are sitting at your desk all day, take a break every hour and do five or ten minutes of physical activity, such as jumping jacks, pushups, squats, lunges, or sit ups. This will give you a burst of energy to keep you focused on your work, and will help you burn calories throughout the day.
  • Look for a group exercise session at your local community centre or gym, such as yoga, dance, martial arts, or aerobics. Working at home can be lonely, so these types of classes give you a chance to meet other people while also keeping in shape. When you make friends in the class who you look forward to seeing, you will be more likely to make the commitment to going every week.

Getting enough exercise can be a challenge when you work from home. With these tips you can turn exercise into part of your routine.